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A very much needed change for this Bungalow.  We did a brand new driveaway using block paving and added a new high quality turf. 

Correct ground preparation is the most important part of any drive and paving project. Without the proper
preparation and materials it will simply sink. This is because the top layer of block/slab/tarmac will not be
properly supported underneath.

Too often, companies offer very cheap block-paving installations, but leave out the sub-base so they can
make more profit. It may look good when it is finished, but within a few weeks or months it will sink.

We are meticulous in our ground preparation because we have a reputation to uphold and want you to be satisfied
with our work for many years. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and as a local company its not in our interest to carry out sub-standard work.

We would normally spend over half of the installation time preparing the ground, digging the foundation, laying the sub grade and sub base, installing drainage if needed, installing any necessary kerbs and walls, and levelling the bedding
layer before finally laying the blocks or slabs.

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